Thursday, July 14, 2011


Okay so Saudi Arabia just recently beheaded 3 Naija guys accused for murdering a citizen

Mohammed Ismail, Abdulqudus Adam and Mohammed Kabir Ali broke into the house of Omar Mohammed Adam where “they beat him and his wife, tied them down and strangled Omar to death,” said the statement. Then they burgled their compatriot’s home, it added

Umm well let me start off by saying that i'm very surprised say no be igbo peeps been dey involved this time around.....very very surprised Anyways You see this na the reason why all these developed countries no dey like give us visa....cos we always find ways to cause trouble one way or the other. I could remember last year when i went to play football in Vietnam, about 99% of the black people there were  Naija guys, and they all claim to be football players....but na drugs and runs wey most of them dey do for thia. The Vietnamese peeps over there were so racist sotey dem no dey even hide their own racism sef. So one day, I asked one Naija guy why these vietnamese peeps dey so racist like this? So he then explained to me that 5 yrs ago when Naija guys started to come into the country, the Vietnamese peeps saw us as small gods..they respected us so much, and always wanted to be around us. But as more and more Naija peeps started to enter into the country, na so bad bad things come start to dey happen...they began stealing, breaking into peoples homes, fighting and stabbing each other...and u know say Vietnam na communist country, so they never see this kind of crazy behavior before. Thats when they started deporting Naija peeps over there..and the hatred began.
I no just understand why anywhere wey we go, we must always create a big negative impact....

I no just understand some peeps sometimes for real.....U know say u dey for country wey if you steal, dem go kill you asap...but yet u still wanna be the rat for the experiment.......i guess since we are over 150 million peeps, then there's gotta be enough rats for experiments then :(

(vanguard online)


  1. As we dey populate, make dem dey help us depopulate na. equal and opposite be science??

    Your sidebar is looking respectable this week. We thank God. Kama onu okwu riri m na pikicho umu ada utu ochaa na utu

    I hula gi eh!

  2. HA HA ...Ginger happu mu biko. these pikichos bu priceless ohh...maka anama enweta ha from high sea :)

  3. Was that saran wrap meat madam on the side at a Gaga convention? Jeez at the fat-bellied woman too...

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