Monday, July 18, 2011


(Betty nawa for you and these pics ohh..ha ha)

Okay this has officially gotten out of hand. Wetin be this ke? What's actually the aim of some of these Naija dudes taking all dem ridiculous sissy pics. I just dey imagine who actually thought about using purple flowers to design the area, as well as covering his genetalia area? For that person mind nah, im go dey think say im be creative director...ha ha

Also trying to figure out if these type of crazy pics are intended for public or personal usage. I guess the later, cos to be honest, i cannot even imagine seeing this pixsure in any magazine. But at the same time, the amount of seriousness, intensity and commitment wey these so called models dey put for this picture ehhn.....even all these Armani exchange and Calvin Klein models no dey this gingered and inspired....ha ha

And I'm sure most of una wey sabi me well know say sometimes, I dey like do crazy gay poses for some of my pictures for facebook. Well, the difference between me and this kind people be say my own na joke shaa.......but this people own don pass joke jare...ha ha  :)
and a purple flower on the head?...nawa ohh


  1. The dude is trying to look sexy now haba. Lol, he even has a flower on his hair.

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