Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ok so check this out....Three armed robbers went to a residential area to do their operation...and this was around 8:30pm ohh. They then went into one of the apartments, which unknown to them, was that of one police man like that. Na so dem enter gun battle ohh....and after the whole gun ginger wey been last for some few minutes, one bullet unfortunately hit the police constable on his so my guy just fall, gbosaaaaaa. But mind you, my guy no give up ohh, cos while he was on the floor, im just manage to tear  one of the robbers for their belle (as in this scenerio just resemble those type of action film them wey we dey see for tv) then the robbers ran away.
It even gets more crazier. So the police crime alert were immediately contacted and the got to the scene (after everything was usual), and took their dying colleague to the nearest private hospital in order to save his life. But guess what??????????
As dem reach for the hospital, they discovered that the workers were on strike.  WTF!!!!!
Anyways in the process of finding another hospital, my guy lost so much blood and gave up the ghost jare.
You see its only in Naija that you will take a dying person do the hospital, and you find out that the workers are on strike........or even if the hospital is open, the doctors and nurses are so f**king lazy and careless, and only their facial expressions alone ehhn, you can literally see that they dont really give a f**k about the dying person. Even sef na that time wey dem go dey do everything so damn slow. And in some hospitals, if you dont have money to deposit right there, even if you like, make blood dey gush out from your head, or u get convusion......none of the staff go send for you at all. Even sef na that time wey dem go even tell you to go find where you go borrow money come, before dem attend to you.
Matter of fact, is our government good at anything sef? Nawa ohh



  1. Aww... Quite sad. Hospitals in Nigeria seriously need to stop this strike shit its so bad.