Friday, July 8, 2011


Shout out to Betty jare 

I swear if I ever go back to Naija, and come across any guy wey dress up like this, dey waka comfortably for road, I bet you i go personally come out of my ride, walk up to the dude and try to not make any eye contact whatsoever.... then first of all drag that im bow tie commot from im well as that nonsense badge looking crap wey dey for im suit.

Left with me alone, I go carry scissors with me, wey I go use cut that nonsense leopard sh** commot from im body. But i dont think I will be doing that, since i no go want make people think say I dey try rape my guy for broad daylight u know :(
Even sef, if I manage find way to commot that thing wey im dey wear for leg, I go just throway each of them for different in ehhn, I go throw them so far away from each other with all my strength....ha ha .

Yeah thats it...and hopefully after all this (which shouldnt last up to 1 min) before my guy go even realize wetin just happen to am,  I go don run enter inside my car and drive away sharply (for saftey reasons shaa) cos people like this dey strong let im soft-like appearance deceive you ohh...ha ha


  1. LMAO...Alex, why you dey envy the guy swagger nah..badht guy. hahaha

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your pics & stories...i give you kudos to you & your friends who source all these..starting from the police man sleeping on the bare floor due to exhaustion, to the nigger in leopard print to the horrible sight *pointing* of a PIG dancing exposing her *that is her vjayjay right?*....we wonder why GOD had forsaken the HUMAN RACE???!!! Yes, i laughed so hard but the truth is that, it is so DISGRACEFUL & DISGUSTING!!!!...i had been seeing all the GALS PICS FROM CARIBBEAN...i beg to ask if DEMONS ARE NOT RESIDING INSIDE OF THEM???...smh

  3. The picture of the girl in the purple top, is that her 'thingy' outside? If yes, that's just disturbing and eww!!

  4. lol.. I don talk am, Naija no go ever fit carry last! See Swag! Abeg we too much jare!

  5. You have outdone yourself Nawa4U on the sidebar, chai. Tell me there is worse to come?
    This guy swagga no get part 2. See the purple shoes sef to match the bowtie....

    That police man don die abi na sleep?

  6. @ ginger...more crazy pics are yet to come ehh..u go fear nah...and na doze wey that olokpa dey do ohh....ha ha
    @ope that one don pass thing ohh....that na smth else..ha ha
    @ibhade how u dey nah?..and yes at a point i even tot these ladies were possessed for real... lie ohh we don carry last for this one..ha ha
    Make una no worry...i still got more crazy pics to put up :)

  7. Jehovah deliver us! See as fashion don make this boy resemble crase man. In the Naija of old, you could identify crazy people when you see them dressed like this and you can quickly cross to the other side of the road. but nowadays, you cannot even tell the difference. You will be thinking someone is a 'fashionista' until it is too late and you've been bitten by a mad man who looks 'fashion forward'. e get as e be o

    As for these 'Michelin men' on the side bar, if they INSIST on wearing these monstrosities, can they please invest in spanx????? they are making my eye balls bleed.