Monday, July 18, 2011


So I was reading Naija news online, and came across a title which said "Former Miss World, Agbani Darego Confesses"
So that immediately caught my attention. Cos I was like shoooooo...wetin this innocent looking babe don do now ehh. As I kept on reading this long ass interview she had, i was still hoping to see wetin the babe been do. "At that point, I was telling my self "O boy kool down, you never read the thing finish...maybe her confession part go dey for the last paragraph of the post. At this point I don dey think of so many things... maybe she used to be anorexic or smth of that nature; or maybe the male judges ran a train on her, and that's how she won the miss world thingy; or maybe she like girls; or she has a d**k. Infact when u hear say person been confess about smth, most of the time, its usually smth very crazy that nobody would have imagined that person doing. Una suppose know wetin i dey talk about nah :)

Anyways back to what I was saying. So I then reached the last paragraph, and still there was no sign of her confessing anything. Nawa the person wey post the thing just make me read the whole post for nothing?  Okay so this was the only confession she made i guess:

On marriage and heartbreak
No, I am not going to talk about whether I have been heartbroken or not. It is too private an issue. When would I get married? I guess I would find out whenever someone asks me to marry him then I would let you know. Am I dating anyone now? I think my private life should be my private life. Well, the ring that I am wearing is just a fashion jewellery that I like to wear. No, it’s not an engagement ring, it’s just a jewellery; there is nothing special about it.

AND HOW'S THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CALLED A CONFESSION????....WTF!!!...She was telling the interviewer about the ring just being a fashion jewelry (which i believe non of us really send for), but why did our publishers have the nerves to title this "Agbeni Darego Confesses" which kind yeye confession be this one ke? infact as from today, i no go put too much interest for all these fishy titles. Now I've spent almost 10 precious mins reading smth useless....Daily Sun make una take time ohh :)

(daily sun)


  1. Lmao na some dem like put Amebor tori to draw our attention.Na real waste of 10mins....
    u even good i for go the last paragraph read if en nothing dey then time to close the

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