Thursday, July 7, 2011


(Betty u don come again..ha ha)

HA HA ......The first time i saw smth like this was by a traffic light in Harlem. The guy just carry poster dey beg for money... so when he now came closer to my car, and I read what was on the poster.....o boy ehh laugh wan kill me die. I thought it was a funny wey to beg shaa...cos come on.....I dont think anyone is that stupid to believe say Ninjas been attack person in not even armed robbers/criminals ohh...NINJAS ke...ha ha

Well, what was funny about the one I saw was that the guy had another writing on the other side of the cardboard which said "ha ha I'm just kidding, I just need some money to grab me a cold beer"...ha ha
Men the kind techniques wey people dey put into begging these days be small thing ohh.

umm but one a second thought, nawa for this guy ohh....he should have came up with smth else. Think about it, who will ever believe that this old dude will actually go to karate lessons....ha ha some things dont just work for everyone jare. :)

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