Monday, July 18, 2011


(Betty u to much ehh)

Wait oh....I'm totally lost here....First of all, why is God offering husbands all of a sudden, like say scarcity of husbands been dey before? Secondly, is he offering 1000 husbands that day, or is that 1000 the gate fee in order for the ladies to come in and start their husband selection? If none of the above, then I wonder what that 1000 is doing there shaa.

Just trying to imagine what this event looked like....Okay as a woman enters the church, there's a long line of men, and she's given the opportunity to choose any one of them...pretty much a "point &  kill situation" u know; Or maybe a lottery will be conducted with the names of all the prospective husbands inside the big spinning drum, and whichever names hand picked out first would become the woman's husband, whether she like am or not; Or maybe the pastor would be the one to decide who marries who, and who marries what? (yes i used the word "what" cos i know say no be everyman for there go dey normal...ha ha )

I just dont get it.....I still dont get it....and I no sure say i go get am anytime soon.
I wonder if someone I know actually went for this crap, cos i would really love to know what type of technique was used in this husband selection process :)

But whatever the case my be, one thing I can say for sure be say this is just another avenue to promote immoral sexual acts within the church, as well as divorce. Cos at the end of the day, most of these will only do boyfriend and girlfriend, hump the living daylight out of each other, fulfilling their sexual desires, and not getting married at the end of the day, either cos of one thing or the other. And I'm sure most of us know that Naija now has one of the highest divorce rates...and this is seen mostly among the young couples who are in their late 20's and early 30's. As in ehhn , I no just know why. You go see two peeps so in love with each other, have a fantastic wedding, and in less than a year, u go hear say dem don divorce. As in ehhhn, its getting too rampant these days......and I'm very sure that this husband search thing wey this church wan do, go definitely help us in becoming the number 1 country with the most divorce rate....KUDOS.

And the craziest thing bout this whole thing be say that day, the women wey go dey there go plenty scatter ehh...ha ha. I also feel a lot of Naija females are being pressured by their parents to get married before a certain age, and if you dont, they just make a big scene out of it.......The pressure is way too much, and I believe this is a major reason why a lot of women fall into the hands of the wrong guyzes (apart from money).  If Mr. Right comes at the right time, fine!!!...but if he doesent, then dont be a desperado, all just cos u want to impress your parents (and friends sometimes)...JEEEZ......

Well at the end of the day, i just feel the negative part of this Husband search thingy will definitely outweigh the positive aspect...Period!! Only in Naija churches you see bullsh** like this...ha ha


  1. LWKMD@Hump the living day light out of each other.That's side-splitting, You know church is now a business avenue am sure some desperadoes will full the place.

  2. one of the men in the photo is Kwame Kilpatrick...huahahahahahaha... Naija never ceases to amaze me :)

  3. nah REALLY NA WA!..shoi!!

  4. Na really Wa ooo...
    Wonders shall never