Wednesday, July 6, 2011


(shout out to Amira for providing this article)

Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, had been taking twice the prescribed dose of a potent fertility drug while at home in Lagos.
Within days of discovering she was expecting she obtained a visitor's visa for Britain.
And she ended up getting the best treatment possible on the NHS following an emergency Health Service scan which showed she was expecting four babies.
After months of taxpayer-funded care - costing an estimated £200,000 - Bimbo had a complex Caesarean op 32 weeks into her pregnancy on April 28.
Doctors at Homerton Hospital, in Hackney, East London, then discovered there was a fifth baby.
Now, two months later, Bimbo is applying to the Home Office to extend her stay in the UK because boys Tayseel and Samir and girls Aqeelah, Binish and Zara - although healthy - are too fragile to fly home.
Bimbo is also arguing that there is no "support network" of family and friends left in Nigeria to help her bring up her kids because they are all in the UK already.

Yeah Yeah Yeah whatever. You see I dont even know why this is news......maybe its cos in this situation, the lady has 5 kids. Other than that, this na very normal thing wey Families for Naija dey partake in........A woman finds out she's the next step now go be how she go try get visa to either Yankee or Jand, in order for her to go born the pikin for thia.....make im come be say their pikin na citizen ke. Its crazy to know how many women do this all the time. But whats even crazier is the extent which these women dey take...all just to go born their pikin outside Naija. As in ehhn, If you go Jand or Yankee embassy for Naija ehhn, you go see pregnant women wey dey use belt dey squeeze their belle, so that they wont look pregnant. As in ehhn, we sabi take things to another level.....and the kind lie wey these women dey lie to those embassy consulates die ehhh :)

Anyways shaa, as far as I'm concerned, make this woman go back Naija jare....You've gotten what you want (ur kids to be British citizens) so now, why u still dey cry like say u no get place wey u been come from? Who go pay ur bill of over 200,000 pounds for thia...and dem talk say it costs 70pounds a week to feed each baby....shoooooo!!!
Like really, is Naija that bad that peeps are ready to suffer outside Naija than inside?.....JEEZ,,,Peeps gotta stop thinking thru their butt for real. At the end of the day, There's no place like home jare.



  1. They should just extend the VISA. no place like home but Shit Happens..They were born in UK.Just their luck.

  2. Her kids are not British citizens. Unlike the US, UK doesn't grant citizenship just because you are born there. I know many people who were born there who are not citizens. I think they stopped doing that in 1982 or so. I know naija people who live in the UK, that come to the US to have their babies just cos of citizenship issues.

  3. Sting is right, the kids aren't citizens oh. and knowing what our healthcare system is like, it was a wise choice she made to escape to the UK but 200,000 shaaa. nawa4 her ooo

  4. Sting thank u jare for the least i don learn i never knew it was different from yankee... Sting and Giner una don teach me smth jare...i dey hail :)

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