Monday, July 25, 2011


So a 21 yr old lady/ashy known as Koforowola, has been arrested by the police for stabbing a man to death over argument of giving oral sex :)
So she was going to work (night shift as usual nah), and a driver stopped and offered her a ride, and promised not to take any money from her, since it wasn't a commercial vehicle. She was very grateful to the guy....una suppose know how free ride dey sweet for Naija nah :)

Kofoworola, (other names are being withheld by us) said she never knew that danger was lurking around the corner until the driver, identified as Patrick, refused to stop at her destination - Monalido Night Club, Apapa. Kofoworola said when she protested, the driver brought out a knife and threatened to kill her if she failed to do his bidding. Ironically, it was Kofoworola that ended up killing the man with that same knife. How did it happen?
“He threatened to kill me with the knife if I refused to perform oral sex on him,” she said. “He said I should use my mouth to stimulate his manhood. I told him I could not do it. I had never done such a thing before. I begged him and even told him that such act irritates me and would make me vomit. All my pleading fell on deaf ears. I later told him to allow me ease myself. I told him I was not going to run because my bag was on the back seat. He stopped the vehicle, but as I wanted to come down, he sped off again

WAIT wait wait wait wait!!!......HA HA HA ....I dont get it. What did I just hear......Ashewo rejecting to give blow-job when it comes to a do or die situation??.......Maybe this chick dey think say she dey talk to people wey dey primary school for real. How da heck is anyone suppose to believe some Bullsh** like this? Infact i no go even talk much cos this is just hilarious jare. Imagine being a professional at what you do best...ok lets use a doctor. So imagine being doctor right,...and someone puts a gun on your head and tells you to either treat their infected wound sharp sharp, or im go forget im bullet for your head.
Therefore that shows you how so so ridiculous this lady's story is.

(daily Sun)


  1. so the guy dey drive and im still get the time and the "extra hand" take hold knife come dey tell the ashy make she blow am?! With the crazy traffic situation for Lagos?! And I'm sure, with d struggling?! which kain lie be dis? I no go surprise say our Naija police fit believe dis kain tin.