Monday, July 4, 2011


So I'm sure you guys must have heard that this dude right here stabbed his wife to death. They got married in November 2008, had a baby girl a while later....YAY..both family and friends where all happy for them (as usual) .. But last week, my guy been stabb the girl to death, and he further went on to mutilate her body.....And mind you this was on this moron's 30th birthday.....So this made everyone begin to dey wonder wetin come happen nah?
Then his long time classmate/close friend opened up on how things had been rough with the couple. First of all, my guy been loose im job like 2 yrs ago, and his wife was the bread winner all this while. So one day, she came back from work and found out that her husband had sold her this come cause very very big kwanta, which later cost her her life ;(

The neighbours however saw her husband jump through the window with blood stains and drove off. But since there was no screaming from the apartment or any noise to suggest they were quarrelling, the neighbours thought all was well."..........but nawa the hell will u think all is well when you just saw an  idiot jumping out of his window with blood all over his body...and you dont raise an alarm right away......nna nawa to some so called neighbors ohh

The woman's body was discovered later with a knife still in her in ehhn, she was stabbed severally in the face and neck.

Anyways, prior to her death, it was learnt that  the victim confided in one of her colleagues that her marriage was undergoing challenges but was reluctant to leave because she did not want her daughter to be raised in a broken home.

You see I think we in a generation where as a female, if you ever feel uncomfortable/afraid in your marriage, and you know its definitely not gonna work anymnore....Just get a divorce right away Dammmit!!! the woman don die...all because she didnt want her daughter to be raised up in a broken home :(       
This is 2011, and I expect peeps to be smarter these days for real .....and whats up with all these young Naija peeps marrying today and divorcing tomorrow....i weeda jare

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