Monday, December 20, 2010


KFC KFC KFC KFC.......aka Kentucky Fried Chicken, the worlds most popular chicken restaurant chain arrived Naija last yr, and has been growing. Dem just recently opened another location in Ikeja, and guess who was there to endorse it....who else but OBJ aka Baba.(u just gotta luv this criminal sometimes...ha ha )

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has described Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), as an international brand that would bring a lot of good to Nigerians. 

Umm WTF????.....i for like some explanation on this one. cos me for like know what type of good that KFC will bring to Naija?...Nna nawa ohh...their chicken na holy cominion? Like say we never dey chop chicken before shey?...Southern Fried chicken dey, Tantalizer dey, Mr. Biggs dey, and all other nice fastfood joints wey full Naija. So me for like know wetin this monkey dey actually yarn. Their chicken taste like every other well seasoned fried chicken for goodness sake. There's no biggie bout it. If to say na those our local fowl wey dem dey use, then maybe i for don understand. But its not.

Also, wetin come concern Chimpanzee with Chicken sef..........WTF!!!!!!

I wont even be surprised if he's the own who owns all these KFC in Naija, cos with baba, a lot of things are possible :)



  1. Chaiiiiii......former president and chicken??? only in Nigeria !

  2. I think Chimpanzees do it chicken, if the need arises. lol