Thursday, May 13, 2010


The new Divisional Police Officer in charge of Ajeromi Police Station, Ajegunle, Mr. Slyvia Chinedu (CSP) has lamented that kids as young as 10 years old openly smoke marijuana on the streets of Ajegunle.
“You need to see the number of girls from Ajegunle moving out every evening to go and prostitute in Apapa, Ikeja and Lagos Island on daily basis. Same thing goes for the number of your children who are armed robbers and move out everyday from this environment to go and rob in other locations."

I certainly believe this is a disturbing issue...but before I start to dey lament, Mr DPO,  make I first LOL for this your name self....SLYVIA ke!!!! nawa to u, and the person wey give u this kaain name :)

Anyways Aunty Slyvia you never see anything yet nah.... No be Ajegunle wey u dey talk about? So why are you acting like this is something new?..what do you expect when people are leaving in abject poverty and dont know how how they will be able to eat the next day.  Dont blame them jare..blame our Government/Political touts for looting our money and leaving us with nothing...and me self go also blame you and your local/illiterate boys too for accepting bribes, and sometimes doing shady businesses (supplying ammunitions) to these criminals.

So i guess we are back to square one :(

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