Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Naija's Drug enforcement agency just arrested a politician, Mr. Eme Zuru Ayortor, 52 at the Murtalar Mohammed Int'l Airport. He allegedly swallowed 2 kilograms (nearly 4.5 pounds) of cocaine to fund his election campaign.....

This Fugly looking Mo-fo been dey try board flight to Germany, when a scanning machine been start to dey shout "alert alert...make una check this man ohh.!!..im be like say something dey im belle ehh"  :)

Agents said they found up to 100 individually wrapped cocaine inside the fool's pot belle. "The agency says the politician claimed his failed 2007 run for the Edo state House of Assembly ruined him financially and smuggling drugs was the only way he could fund his 2011 election bid."
Ha Ha nothing wey person no go hear for this our Country.....Anyways i guess this one na real hungry politician wey dey try to enter into the Looters club. Dont worry Uncle Eme, ur political dreams can still come true...Running for Inmate President inside Kiri-Kiri wont be a bad idea at all at all....I swear u will win with a landslide in there :)

HA HA ....Another Man trying to steal from our country...HUNGRY FOOL :)


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