Friday, May 7, 2010


So this guy did actually release this "Fall in Love" video. AFTER LIKE 17YRS WHEN THE SONG DON REIGN FINISH, AND ALL THE CHILDREN WEY BEEN HEAR AM DON DEY UNIVERSITY NOW....Well I dey guess say na mandatory issue for Mo Hits to do video for every song now.

But for some time now, there have been rumours that Koko bobo has been involved in a hot sizzling romance with our aunty Nnaji for some time now. But I guess our aunty has decided to tell us her own involvement in this hot sexy romance wey we dey hear of.

First of all, for una info, the highly celebrated amorous affair in the video, was said to be scripted. I'm sure some of you guys got excited when you watched the video. Dont worry u not alone :)

"The sexy and very articulate star actress, Genevieve, mother of one who jumped into music sometime ago, we learnt, confided in her friends when the tale of their rumooured affair hit the street that D’Banj is not her kind of man “It’s ridiculous, though, D’Banj is not a bad guy, the fact however remains that, he’s just not fit into my kind of guy” She was quoted to have said.".....Umm DAYUM..why she gats play my guy like this nah? This is not just fair sha :)

“The fact that Genevieve was handsomely rewarded for the role she plays in the musical video has not made her to be linked romantically with the kokomaster. As I am talking to you right now, she is not comfortable at all with the whole set up.” Her friends said.

Anyways, if dem like make dem dey do sizzling hot romance ohh, or no romance at all.....that one concern them, cos i no dey benefit anything from am....primary skul kids :)


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