Monday, May 10, 2010


You know for Yankee here, a woman can do a man's job as long as she's is fit for it. But for Naija, no be so ohh...imaging where woman be shoemaker or bus conductor for naija? That one be say everybody go dey look her like say she thief something..

Well thats the case here. This lady right her, Miss Titilayo Ojo, 25, who only holds an ordinary national diploma (OND), don decide say hunger no go kill her for this Lgaos wey she dey ehh......The babe decided to earn living by driving commercial tricycle AKA the famous Keke Maruwa.

And Guess what?  She works from 5:30am to 9:30pm, saving all the money from this business in order to further education!!!
I certainly respect this babe from the bottom of my heart. How many girls out there get liver to do this kind job. Instead they will decide to go into prostitution, dey do big girls and living a fake life....Infact Miss Titilayo I'm your biggest fan. If to say na those days wey money been dey enter my hand well well, i for don open Keke company for u, make u dey run am. Its alll good tho.

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