Sunday, May 2, 2010


First of all, I think its about time they should change their slogan which says "Police Is Your Friend" to "Beware of Untamed Illiterates in Uniform"

Anyways I'm not surprised at all. What else do we expect when our government gives rifles to people who cannot even common spell their full name, talk-less of differentiating between their left and right hand.

Anyways wetin happen be say this my guy wey dey here was chilling with his friends on the block (as in dommot), and they were talking about one housegial so, and suddenly the same girl passed them. So they started laughing, since the felt that was so coincidental. But before dem know wetin dey happen, two police guys driving by came out from their car, and one hook my guy for im belt, asking why he was laughing at him. As the boy tried to explain to them, they refused to listen, and dem start to use my guy dey do punching bag. Before u know wetin dey happen, the Olokpa don bring out im pistol, come tear my guy for leg... And right now my guy is about to be amputated.

THAT'S NAIJA POLICE 4 U.........My people abeg make una dey stay at least 100 yards from these untamed animals abeg

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  1. Policemen just dey kill innocent people.