Friday, May 7, 2010


So where dem dey try to bury this poor man in his home state in Katsina, hostilities broke out between youths and security agents at the Katsina township stadium.

The yawa been burst when the security agents tried to stop the youths from entering inside the stadium to witness the burial....Na im the youths vex ehh....their own bros for that matter? So they went on a rampage, attacking police and soldiers..

WOW....These hausa boys really get liver shaa....fighting soldiers of all people? Naija Soldiers Ke???.....Dem get luck say na during Yaradua burial. Cos if this happened on a normal day, those soldiers for use them do shooting training. You suppose trust Naija army nah...
Anyways thousands witnessed the burial, including couple of governors, and some notable criminals and non criminals in Naija.

 R.I.P uncle Yar "Adua. Umm....But you still dey owe us the 7 point agenda shaa :(

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