Thursday, May 27, 2010


A few years ago, she was chosen as the face of Lux...and now the latest entrant into the Nigerian cosmetic market, MUD Cosmetics announced last week that they had chosen superstar Nnaji as the face of the brand in Nigeria.

Well  You deserve it jare. more international recognition for ya. And most importantly, you have always been a good role model to all teenage mothers out there.....

But...But...Umm to be honest shaa, i'm really really trying so so so so so...infact more than hard to see
what others are seeing in terms of this chicks looks and acting :)   She's as good looking as any other good looking girl in Naija (with the help of the usual make-up nah)....HA HA H i dont know what the whole hype is all about.
me don rest my case :)

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