Thursday, May 13, 2010


Why am I even surprised self.....Afterall 99% of our Politicians, Police, law enforcement and Judicial personnels are all bonefied touts and Hooligans :)

Anyways "The National Judicial Council on Wednesday ordered Justice Habibu Idris Shall to retire as a judge of the Bauchi State High Court after he was found to have acted in a manner incompatible with his status as a judge."The judge was said to have failed in an alleged bid to kidnap his victim by attempting to force him into the boot of his car.
Like is he for real?...The number one person wey suppose dey abide by the lwas of the land, as well as act as a role model... nah the same person wey dey pull shirt dey fight for road..THIS IS JUST BALLOONY
I dont think you guys understand the level of this situation....this one no be law student, or cut-n-bail lawyer, or solicitor, or even magistrate.... IT"S A FREAKING JUDGE FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!
In fact I'm through with this bullcrap!!!

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