Saturday, May 29, 2010


This hooligan has been arrested at the Asaba airoport a few hours after abandoning a movie set in Asaba. No be today im start to dey do things like this. He's known for being a woman-beater and approaching people in a condescending manner. Anyways the local champion self know the kind people wey im dey do all that one with. I can remember last three yrs when he showed up in Naija independence after party in a club in NY. Started acting up like he was the sh**, looking down and talking crap to people. Na im some boys beat am like say tomorrow no dey, and he had to run for his dear life. You suppose trust our Yoruba boys nah :) One thing I know for sure be say he knows he cannot come down to NY, cos boys dey wait am gor hia ehh.
You see na one disadvantage for some touts to becoming famous, cos a lot of them start acting up because of the lil penny they be getting :)
No nmatter how much u train a tiger, im go still be wild animal ehh :)


  1. No mind the abgero na d fools wey dey give am d guts wey I blame...local champion

  2. you are still talking have you heard his latest single.........who i am feat tu face. dude used sling shots of shit to make sure he destroyed d little musicality tu face tried to give d song. it was awwwful!!