Wednesday, May 5, 2010

18 Naija Guys to be sentenced to Death!!!..Oh Lord

You see what pisses me off the most about this story is the location. If to say na Yankee, I for understand.

BUT COME ON IT'S FREAKING INDONESIA.....A WHOLE WRETCHED PLACE WHERE DEM DEY CHOP RAT SELF......and its like my naija bros. them still dont get it that Asia is the last place to ever dream of doing drugs.

Anyways 18 Naija guys were condemned to death by Indonesian court in 2008 for alleged criminal cases, including drug smuggling. And they are scheduled to be executed anytime between June and August this year.

An Onitsha based human rights lawyer, Barrister Melly Chukwuemeka Eze, is appealing to the National Assembly to take concrete steps with a view to getting reprieve for the condemned Nigerians. "According to Eze, “I have it on good and reliable authority that officials of Indonesian government who opened discussions with the Nigerian delegation are now expressing disappointment over an apparent display of unseriousness on the part of Nigerian government over the diplomatic move already initiated by Nigerian government officials”.

What is our Gov't (ministry of Foreign affairs) actually doing about this situation? No be to dey do gri-gri for Naija....Time don reach for una to go into political negotiation with ordinary Indonesia, but una don dey run....Later we go dey claim "Giant of Africa"  

Those on death row are Kingsley Okonkwo, Michael Titus Igwe (Real name-Izuchukwu F. Ezimoha), Uchenna Cajethan Onyenworo, Ekperedike S. Olekama, Adam Wilson (real name-Emmanuel Okari), Hillary K. Chimezie, Eugene Ape and Humphery Ejike, Okwudili Ayotaeze, Obinna Nwajiagu, Daniel Enemuo, Fredrick Lutter (Real name-Benjamin Obiora), Sylvester Nwaolisa, Gabriel Nnadi, Dennis Anumona and Ikenna Ezenwune, while Stephen Rashid, Joseph Ndaba, Ken Michael and Obinna George are currently serving life imprisonment.

Ummm.....Ummm....I hate to say this, but....but...chai see my igbo peeps eh....I just pray for the special intervention..... if not, R.I.P guys :(

(daily sun)

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