Monday, May 24, 2010


You see one thing i know for sure be say na illiteracy dey follow dey kill us pass for Naija. For God's sake we are in the freaking 21st century and yet many people still dey reason like early men dem.
Any unusaul thing wey just happen, dem go talk say na juju

"Residents of Ojuore in Sango area were amazed when a chick with four limbs was hatched by a mother hen last Sunday. And the ever superstitious neighbours suspected it was an act of wizardry by the chicken farmer who is simply known as Bola City."...........LOL for this one :)

HA HA it even gets better..hear this....."Even pregnant women who lived in the same compound with him were said to have deserted their homes because of fear"......abeg fear of wetin ehh? say dem go born pikin wey resemble chicken?...nawa to this people ohh

The poor man has even been sent on exile. And now some Christian as well as Islamic faithful don carry the thing for thier head as usual na, dey talk say make people turn to God, cos the incident had some spiritual significance....tripple LOL for this one :)

This just goes to show u that our country needs to invest heavily on education, cos this is so painful and i just cant stop laughing shaa...this is really NUTS!!! i know why illiteracy is a big disease, and thankGod it is curable shaa :)
Umm and you know what? I go also blame Nollywood for this one too...thats right :)... cos almost all of their wack movies have a spriritual significance to any abnormal situation :)

So basically all the children around the world born with 6 fingers, two heads, 1 arm, 3 legs, 2 different genital organs, or even no genetial organ na juju follow make dem come out like that?......freaking ignorant buffoons :)

well since dem no want the chick, make them kukuma give me jare....extra drumsticks for me :)


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