Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Umm as far as I am concerned, this dude was dead since december. its his memorial or smth we should be talking about now sef. After all the money that was being spent on his health, he still passed away. This is to tell you that money cant by life. I wonder who and why they decided to pull of the plug.

Instead of Turai and the cabals to let the poor man resign and have time to recover long time ago, dem just no gree. Now they see what they've caused.

I personally believe he was a great guy and had a lot of positive dreams for our nation. As soon as he declared his assets when he became president, thats when I was like "I LOVE THIS GUY. "But unfortunately he was surrounded by criminals and vagabonds whose aim were to loot the country.

I'm just here thinking of all the propaganda surrounding his health and all the lies that his wife, Turai and her cabals have been feeding us about his recovery all this while

Anyways I would still like to know who really talked to BBC news, and who signed the december budget, and why they smuggles this man into his own country like an illegal alien. Lots of questions need to be answered here. Anyways I trust Jonathan on this one.

RIP Mr. President. Even if you didnt complete any of your so called seven point agenda, I still believe you were a honest and great man shaa.

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