Monday, May 31, 2010


“In half of the 151 countries recently surveyed for trends in tobacco use among young people, approximately as many girls uses tobacco as boys. More girls use tobacco than boys in some of the countries, including Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Cook Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria and Uruguay.

Umm think due to the bad reputation we have acorss the globe, i'm actually beginning to believe that a lot of these organizations just like to attach us with anything negative, without doing an actual survey or research.

How dem go talk say women smoke pass men for Naija ke? SAY WETIN COME HAPPEN NAH??????????

You know if this statistics is true, then thats pretty much alaaming.....But to my own perspective, WHO dey lie jare...dem need come explain to me how dem take carry out this their survey juo....Its true a lot of Naija women do smoke. You know back in the days, the only area you see girls smoke is in hotels and its mostly done by prostitutes..But these days mehn, Naija babes don carry smoking to another level, and me self don witness am koro-koro!!!!.....But Regardless, WHO cannot tell me more girls smoke than guys in Naija.....THAT"S BULLCRAP. Come on, like six out of ten Naija men dey smoke tobacco jare..both old ohh, and young ehh, the ones wey dey do am open, and the ones wey dey hide dey do am. So what u talking about...I weedah ohh :)


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