Monday, May 24, 2010


"Hundreds of Niger nationals, mostly women and children, have flooded into neighbouring Nigeria in search of food, officials and residents said on Friday.

The number of of Niger nationals in northern Katsina state, which shares a land border with Nigeria, has soared in the past two months, residents said.

Makana said some were so desperate they had been forced to beg door-to-door."

You see I really feel bad for these Nigerien peeps.....their land just barren like say tomorrow no dey. But to be honest tho, no be today wey this people start to dey enter Naija jare. My only problem about these people be say they can be potential danger to our national security on the long run ohh...if i can remember, it's these same people that were meceneries and fueled the Boko Haram and jos crisis?...abeg Naija Govt make una use una brain juo.

But also come to think of it, Naija dey make me laugh ohh...A nation that can hardly feed its citizens, and yet our government dey form Captain planet for Niger Republic....Anyways me i don talk my own shaa :)


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