Friday, May 21, 2010


Naija's number 1 golfer. Mr. Abudullahi Ali, and two of his friends just died in a fatal car accident on thier way to a golf tournament in Minna...seriously how sad.
The painful thing be say my guy just been come back from Cameroun on monday, where he participated and won the West African open tournament.

You see this is a very sad news...another talented Naija guy being killed in a motor accident. You see I dont care weather it was his was at fault or not....My own be say i will always blame our Govt for all this crappy accidents......JUST PROVIDE US WITH SOME DAMN GOOD ROADS.........JEEZ!!!!

But..but...i never knew Naija self been get golf players oh, talkless of even person wey come be West African fact I for like know where dem dey play this their golf self....Na for all those Naija golf courses wey na elephant grass and touch-and-die just full scatter?
Country wey talent full everywhere, but dem no dey promote, or even encourage nperson self.....what a shame!!!

Anyways RIP my man...

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