Monday, May 17, 2010

9ice and Ruggedman's phone gist.

Now some of us know 9ice and some know Ruggedman. If you don't, see the pictures above. 9ice nah the lepa & Rugged nah the other one wey dey form gangster.

We also know that 9ice and his wife Toni Payne have separated. His publicist told the press (so our musicians get publicists?) some months ago about the breakup. The thing no consign us before o, suddenly rumors come they fly say nah bcos of Ruggedman the marriage scatter.

What fueled this rumours was a song on 9ice's recent album, where he sang about catching his woman with another man. The track is called 'once bitten, twice shy'.
Then Rugged called 9ice and asked him to clear the air and stop the rumours flying about. Nah so their beef take start.

Now first of all Rugged effed up by recording the gist and throwing it out there, but gist nah gist...

Now all this one no consign me b4, until I come here the english wey 9ice blow for Rugged ear. I no get strength to write the whole thing, so nah the part wey dey interesting I go write...

9ice: '' Ruggedman from me to you, am telling you hoha, READ MY LIPS, it is not Ruggedman I am talking about.... let people talk, WE ARE NON-PEOPLE, WE ARE let them talk.

Now, you and person dey talk for fone, u dey tell am to 'read your lips'? how im wan take do am? nah im ear im go use read am?

2: ''We are non-people, we are stars...hmm nah wah oh! so Snoop Dog no be person abi, nah star im be...

Okay o, so Twinkle-twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. I think una don know d answer to that question, nah 9ice and Ruggedman. So anytime you sing dat song to any small pikin, tell am say no need to wonder wetin the star be.


  1. lol. see their mouth like stars

  2. lol...this is funny
    Non-people OK OH..
    secondly 9ice U and everyone else where once ordinary, but u elevated ur status...Ur a Person/Star get it 2gether ....

  3. na tru tok...dem dey craze, STARS my foot... dem no even rish dat electric insect lyt sef for my own syd again.. dem c say dem dey make wave, so anything dem do... nahim we go lyk... dem don fuk up well well... IDOMAGIRL... read my lips..LOL (u did a very good job with dis thing wey u post) kip it'dop. (Facebook)