Monday, May 31, 2010


A South African court has sentenced this our crazy looking Naija bros. Uncle Ndudim Agoha, to 20 yrs in prisonment. He is one of the most wanted drug lords in SA, and he's only lived in SA for 8 yrs. My guy was arrested last yr after police found a substantial amount of cocaine and extacy at his home. The druges had a street value of R100,000 (whatever the hell that is dollars, me self no know jare)
Dem talk say my guy get properties for nice areas in SA, and he's very flashy and a real big spender....No be new thing nah.....obviously like any other Naija tout out there who just started touching what do u expect?

But come ohh...why is it that anywhere we go, we must always leave a bad reputation there?...U know I'm beginning to believe that this is actually a spritual problem that has affected our land...esp, ibos and yorubas :)

Anyways...but DAYUM...Uncle Agoha so that one mean say no popping anything poppable in the club for the next 20 yrs..... no big boy Christmas in Naija for you for the next 20 yrs....By the time u don come out from prison, cars go don dey fly by then....CHAI.. and i believe say u go don buy ticket for this world u go follow miss am too? See major F**K UP EHH.......Nna nawa 4u fact u get luck no be for Aisa wey dem catch u, if not na ur memorial service wey we for don dey do for u starting next yr :)

Drug Dealing....the business for touts and illiterates :)
nothing do uns ajare

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