Friday, May 7, 2010


Please take a look at this picture, and you really want to tell me these are 17yr old girls? and all real women without ball sacks? You be the judge !!
You see news like this just makes me begin to believe that corruption can never be eliminated in Naija...Cos the thing just dey our blood.
"South Africa has officially lodged a protest against Nigeria on allegations of fielding overage players during their 2010 U-17 Women's World Cup qualifier at Opperheimer Stadium, South Africa on Saturday"

They warned Naija in the first leg, after loosing 5-0, but Naija still came back in the second leg with the same players....HA HA HA ... I just love my country jare..nothing do us ehh
Well, if South Africa is crying about some players being overage, then that that mean say sand still dey inside their eye nah....Cos as for me, those Naija football chicks, including the ones wey be real women ohh, and the ones wey just change to women ohh, are all over aged. I swear say none of them for that team dey less than 26 :)  
But come to think about it, how many 17yr old girls for Naija dey think of football sef? No be same 17yrs old girls for Naija wey dem still dey teach how to wear pad for Naija:) ?  You see its not like Yankee where teenage girls look so mature, and their parents encourage them to play soccer, and put them in different summer training camps and stuff. I fit even remember those primary and secondary school days for Naija wey me and my friends dey fear to even talk to girl wey talk say she like to watch ball, talk-less of playing ke..!!!

Anyways South Africa I dey feel una pain jare. Me too for complain if I notice say i dey play against the opposite sex... and dem come  tear me 5-0 ontop :(


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  1. me sef dey look the pictures for here, these women never be less than 25. Oh Naija...the trick bi say you go add one or two people wey dem don grow pass the 17years limit..but you people get liver carry a whole team of 25-30years go play...nothin do you!!!