Thursday, May 27, 2010


So our Superchicks played a friendly game with Saudi Arabia this week, and the game ended scoreless (0-0). At the same time Argentina played with Canada, and won (5-0) and the crazy thing be say Messi no been even play sef. Anyways, me no go talk anything yet.....make im no be like say i too critisize our chicks.

Umm..Okay lemme try to be optimistic for once....I believe we drew the game (0-0) cos coach Largerback was experimenting, preparing, and giving untested players a chance to prove themselves, all before he selects his final 23. And the best place to test these players is in a friendly game.....So weare in the right path, and there should be no cause for alarm :)

HA HA NA SO!!...Pako squad :)

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  1. Oga should be very worried...Your final squad make boys make confused small but no shaking when it comes to it...even chickens dey fly when being chased!!!