Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dele Momodu for President!!!

Now if you are not convinced that our country is useless, am sure you are now.

First of all who is Dele Momodu? Well, he's the owner of Ovation Magazine. If you no sabi wetin Ovation be, then nah your luck. I no get strength to explain anything.

So after the man don tire to dey snap rich people dem for im mag, im decide say im go be president, mk people sef dey put am for their mag.

On a more serious note, the man has nothing to offer this country. I know we are asking for a change, but Bob Dee? (nah im nickname be dat), c'mon!

Well, am not bothered, bcos the man is just a clown and a jester & what do clowns do? them dey make person laff...

So which party will he join? Maybe im go form im own bcos space no dey PDP or all the other serious parties. Hmmm... maybe OPP, Ovation's Peoples Party or NOPP , Nigerian Ovation's Political Party...nonsense...


  1. Just wondering who will be foolish enough to vote for him.

  2. dele momodu 4 president?...thats like the joke of the year