Saturday, May 15, 2010


This criminal right here, Mr. Frank Rajah who is a so called top Ghanaian Director, is at large over his alleged rape, molestation and sexual assault to an underaged housegirl, Chinemelu, during his stay in Naija to shoot a movie in Asaba, Delta. He’s alleged of having canal knowledge of a house-help, right inside the house they used as location a couple of weeks back....See Liver ehh

Since the shooting took longer than expected, this local champion used all that time to plot his runs. So whenever their hosts left for office, Uncle frank used the opportunity to find all means to lure the lil guy been dey use the normal and common African molestation tactics such as touching her small small, smiling at her, and giving her the change whenever he sends her to buy food n stuff. And before u know it, my guy don dey molest the house pikin. It was gathered that even when he later moved to a hotel, he sent for her to come over, and the molestation continued....and that was were they got caught.....CHAI......see wetin chewing gum and all those keeping of extra change don cause the poor girl....eve

Buy the time the news reach the girl's master, the police was sent to go arrest Mr. Rajah...but by the time dem reach im hotel, my guy don waka tay tay (ha ha Naija they ever accomplish any objective?)
As for now, my guy has been placed on persona-non granter in Nigeria and entire movie industry (whatever that means self)

ANyways this is just the one that made headline....Too bad there are hundreds of thousands of kids that are being molested in Africa (especially Naija) on a daily basis....We really need spiritual cleansing jare

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