Thursday, May 13, 2010


It just doesnt get any worse than this.......For some reason i dont know whether i should blame the economy this time, or blame Uncle Lucifer, or fact i dont just know jare.

45 yr old Mr.Tanimowo Hunge has been arrested by the Ogun state police for allegedely abducting his 16 yr old son, and demending N100,000 in ransom.

"Hunge, who wept profusely, blamed the devil for the crime. According to the CP, the suspect tricked his son who lives in Lagos with his brother in-law, Joseph Dosa, to come home. His father later abducted him and got in touch with Dosa that John had been kidnapped and the abductors demanded N100,000 ransom.

Dosa later told reporters that efforts to get the alleged abductors‘ telephone number from the boy‘s father proved abortive as he was said to have claimed that the abductors warned him not to release the telephone number to any other person."

When the info got to our police, they made the money available in order to attract the rat....AND GUESS WHO SHOWED UP TO CHOP AWOOF CHEESE????...Uncle Hunge :)

He later confessed to the crime and said "“It was the devil. I used to have money. It was hardship that pushed me to this level and I only pray that God will save me from this problem,”

I so so so love how when these people are caught, dem go dey blame uncle Lucifer for both the ones im do ohh, and the ones wey im no even know when the thing been dey happen self.

But this guy no try at all shaa. HA HA
Imagin when they asking him what crime he commited?...and he's like "I KIDNAPPED MY OFFSPRING".......HA HA HA HA ..........such a dumbass :)