Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Okay like a onth ago, I posted smth regarding the Naija's Gulder Celebrity showdown n' stuff. I actually saw  most of the participants as mad boring and wack (except Showkey shaa), and i didnt even bother trying to get more update about the show.
But the show don finally finish (thankgoodness....at last) and Emeka Ike emerged as the winner. And now he will be given N7.5 million. Congrats jare, good for him tho...(ha ha the ibotic man follow dey rock NY fitted hat)
but our dear Gulder, I actuallly think it would have been great if the participants of the show were poor Nigerians out there who really need the kwudii :)
First of all I heard the show was one step higher than boring, and i dont think it had a lot of views. And secondly, Emeka-Freaking-Ike? How come?...Wetin all those other guys like Daddy Showkey and Dare them been dey do when Emeka Ika been win this thing self?....Emeka Ike wey woman strong pass :)    ....Nawa ohh...anyways my own be say thankGod the show do finish jare...waste of money and airtime on tv :)

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  1. Oga, why you dey troway "ibotic" like say person no fit be Igbo and proud at the same time? Which kin slave mentality be dat? You sef no be okoro man? Mek we kill all this self hate nonsense jare!