Friday, June 18, 2010


I'm not surprised at all ehh.....While other countries dey fight hard to win the world cup, our own must to dey different...always fighting about irrelevnt issues and displaying our toutish talent for the world to see :)

Two prominent officials, ASP Gideon Akinsola, the Camp Commandant and Eagles’ Coordinator, Emmanuel Attah exchanged hot words right in front of the players yesterday. The show of shame, which lasted for about ten minutes around 1.30 p.m at the entrance of Eagles’ Waterfront Hotel camp in Richards Bay, was almost getting into physical blows when Skipper Nwankwo Kanu and Dickson waded into the fracas."

LOL for this one :)
infact another LOL again jare

Our uncle Kanu almost received a head blow as ma guy been dey try seperate these ugly local buffoons. u see that thing people dey talk na true person wey dey seperate fight dey usually become the victim. Na why me no dey like seperate people wey won fight :)  infact Kanu F**k up for leave dem make dem display their talent

You see I keep on telling u guys, 99% of the so called people that are suppose to be our leaders are all touts with a mixture of retardedness join inside.... and they all need to be taken to psychia asap, and treated with caution. Fight for house, fight for road, fight for house of Rep, fight for beer palour, fight for church, fight for Aso Rock, fight for World cup..............OH NAIJA anywhere we go, we must to show our colour ehh...GREEN WHITE GREEN..........Thumbs up to us Jare :)


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