Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Battle of Musanga in House of Reps!!!.

So today as Nigerians were going to buy cardboard and crayon to do 'welcome back eagles' placards to use at the airport, we heard that the battle of musanga took place in the national assembly, precisely in the lower chamber.

A group called the 'progressive group' have been alleging that the Speaker of the House, Dimeji Bankole stole 9bnnaira! yes o! 9bn! He allegedly spent 300mill to buy 7cars! Chei!

So this group have been pushing for the impeachment of the Speaker.

The leader of the 'progressives',Dino Melaye, started the wahala when he interrupted another member who was talking and tore the paper that he had in his hand.
Na so the katakata take start.

After all the commotion, the 11 members were suspended and asked to leave the chambers, but they refused and so oga Bankole ordered them thrown out, na here the real battle come start.

them fight so-tay,them tear the cloth of 3 of the 'progressives' and the woman wey dey there midst just dey shout dey cry. People papa and mama.

the 11 members have been suspended till the end of the session i.e till June next year.

no be Fuji house of commotion, nah Assembly house of commotion.

hmmmm..... how nigeria go beta?, when na so so agbero and thief dem dey rule us.
i don talk am b4, dat our national assembly no get use. dem just dey there dey waste our money... useless people... mscheeew!

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