Thursday, June 3, 2010


For ibo, dem dey call this kind run "Osondu". Anyways I keep on telling you guys, this is what happens when u put people wey no even write WAEC in our Police force.

Cos seriously, WTF IS GOING ON HERE????

why da hell is the olokpa with two AK 47 riffles? where dem dey run go self? I wont be surprised if he was just chasing him cos he refused to sort them their normal N50, and decided to skampeh.!!

Regardless of what crime he must have committed, I'm still trying figure out why the F*** is he been chased by an armed toutish illiterate (at least this one dey wear shoe shaa...cos i've seen some wearing just bathroom slippers dey go duty)

AND THESE ARE SUPPOSE TO BE OUR FRIENDS?...LOL LOL...Welli guess since AK47 na small thing for them, soon  nah hand greneade wey dem go dey use dey kill people.  Only in Naija.....

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  1. this one nah real OSONDU...chei....ldkm!!!! d guy even comot im shoe hold am for hand... my broda run abeg b4 dem go kill u talk say u be