Friday, June 18, 2010


House on the Rock Church in  Lagos State brought out N17 million to rent out a hall just for a two day service. The hall was rented at the luxurious Eko Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos at N8.5 million a day

"The founder and Senior pastor of the church, Paul Adefarasin, (this clown right here) who preached yesterday at the Eko Expo Centre, told the elated congregation that the idea was to bring all the members of House On The Rock to a combined church service."

N17 milla to rent a hall just for 2 days?...for Christ sake whatta hell is wrong with these peeps. I've come to find out say na politicians and pastors dey spoil our country for real. Eliminate the current Naija politicians and 98% of the pastors, and i can garuantee u Naija would become a better place.
This is totally uncalled for...a so called house of God spending such ridiculous amount of money? When they can actually make use of that money in helping the needy. None of these idiots are actually following the footsteps of Christ. na so so money dem dey find. And wetin dey even pain me pass be say these pastors dont even pity the poor. They even try to collect everything from the poor and unemployed all in the name of giving to the Lord. What wickedness....
Anyways this na why me don make up my mind long time say i no dey attend any of these Naija churches jare (except pastor Eugene's aboundant life Ministiries, PH...cos na my own man be that) cos they all the same as far as I'm concerned. Pastor go dey drive with 10 convoys, but yet his own members are living in abject poverty...and u telling me this is a fair game in the eyes of God?...NAH...Criminals and touts disguising themselves as pastors...
A country wey every 1 out of 50 people be pastor/prophet/high priest/apostle/appointed one/levite/General Overseer; and 1 out of every 1 and half people dey go church; and the amount of churches go soon plenty pass our population....But yet there is no love and progress :) 
We need to start loving one another, which will inturn bring peace, and progress...shey una dey feel me nah :)

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