Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay dem talk say unless drastic measures are taken to preserve and promote them, there is every indication that all Nigerian languages may be abandoned in favour of English in the next century. (umm i disagree with una ohh.....cos i know say youruba and hausa go survive the earthquake jare. But as for Igbo?..LOL in fact make i no talk anything

I'm not surprised at all.....when me wey dey here no fit even speak proper igbo self, then i could imagine other millions of Naija peeps out there wey worse pass me. This is a very bad, and I dont know bout u guys, but me go personally blame my parents for such act. Na so so english dem go dey speak to person for house...Na their fault jare, not mine :)

But for real i think igbo language has been contaminated. Like seriously if u see when Hausa or Youruba people dey speak their language, u no go hear any english word for their whole conversation. But if na Igbo language, 70% of the conversation get english inside am............Nna kekwanu my container.....adi'm fine.....Bia here....achoro'm this much bu this garri.....ana'm aga school......Nkechi no na admission......
English just have to be in every igbo conversation. (enli-igbo).....and like play like play, one day, we go find out say our tribe na igbo, but our language na english...that na cos igbo language go dey six feet by then :)
Abeg make all of una out there try to learn ur language well well, just like am doing :)   If u were born outside Naija, and yet u cant speak ur language, then u definitely need some serious lashing for nyash jare. And if ur parents no won teach u how to speak ur tribal language, then that one go mean say them too go need some additional lashing and counselling after that.
Pls lets not let this whole slave mentality take over us jare. i dont talk my own finish :)


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  1. what does Zach mean I was told its a slay there in Nigeria and it means how is my baby doing