Saturday, June 12, 2010


Umm...we did better than expected shaa, and should be happy with the score....KAA, before una been dey expect say we go win Argentina?...u dey krase? u chop vommit?
But regardless of wetin happen, i will keep on saying what i've always said right from the beginning....NAIJA IS NOT PASSING THIS FIRST ROUND....HOA HAA
The truth hurts sometimes, but we need swallow am jare....When i been dey watch the game I just dey look as our coach Largerback dey react anytime wey we almost score....just dey act like say the game mean a lot to am :)....maybe nah una wey im dey decieve with that one. Cos the truth be say my guy no really send for us ehh. Him self know say we no dey go anywhere. For im mind, my guy just dey laugh us ehh...I dey guarantee u say the only thing wey been dey im mind while the game was going on, nah how much dollars dey enter im account, and which country wey im go do vacation with im family after world cup don finish :)

Anyways shaa make i no talk too much cos anything can happen in football...afterall no be US wey just tie with overated England?.....ha ha but at the end of the day, Naija still no dey go anywhere shaa :)


  1. commot here which one be ur own self? u're adding to the negativity by not being positive damn. how could u possibly know whats on his mind fool? he's trying to do his job and u're here talking trash.. just shut up and criticize them when they fail... don't add to the negative press damn it.. u are helping to bring them down instead pushing the positive light..

  2. what r u going to say when Nigeria goes to the next round? Ur story was not accurate.

  3. lol.....ah make una no kill me ohh just been dey talk my own...if we qualify for the next round, the better for us, and I would love us to....but sometimes its good to be real...ha ha ..make we dey see shaa. i hope dey prove me wrong

  4. a little positivity never hurt Alex...
    granted you don't want to be dissapointed, bt our boys have improved, give them some support...

  5. ha ha shey una don see for una selves nah