Tuesday, June 1, 2010


LOL..LOL...LOL...You see i'll keep on saying it.... this is what happens when when an illiterate/tout gets hold of power.
Okay this down syndrome looking mo-fo right here is the paramount ruler in Akure, Ondo State "Deji of Akure". He was arrested during the weekend by the Police for street fighting with one of his wives.  Wetin cause the wahala be say im wife been park commot from the palace because he brought in another wife and appointed her as the head of the "Olori" (whatever the F** that is, me self no even know). So he decided to go after her, and take back all the properties and stuff he bought for her. Reaching at his wife's home with his convoy, he attempted to retrieve the Nissan Xterra which he bought for her, but the woman no gree ehh...na im fight come burst ohh...and before you know it the man and the woman don tear tear each other cloth and were fighting naked. Can you imaging. A whole so called Paramount ruler. HA HA :)
Anyways i'm not surprised self, cos thats a typical local groundnut and red oil guzzling Yoruba man for you :)
Cos if this guy wasn't a tout, he would have respected his position and probably sent his boys to go do the dirty job. But i guess "no matter how u brush a dog, a dog will still remain a dog."
But Like seriously how da hell do all this touts across Naija get into power. Few days ago, it was a freaking well respected Judge that engaged into street fighting with someone...and now its this imbecile :)   And these are people that are role models in our societies?


And there is no doubt in my mind that we all Nigerians have some sort of toutility inside  us :)  some have it more than others... some can hide it, while some cant. And I also feel that most of the time, looks (especially facial looks) play a major role in identifying a tout. Just like this fool right here. So in a nutshell, the crazier, rugged and hardened looking Individuals are more likely to display much toutish tendencies than others.Anyways make i no talk again. I don give una enough tips, so u should be able to identify one when u see one :)
But if u wonna find a lot of them in one place, then go to the House of Senate, Representatives and your various State government houses..... NA there dem full scatter :)


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