Friday, June 18, 2010


U see this is such a good and very motivating news ehh. Abeg make una meet Hajiya rabi'atu. She loads cement from southern to Northern Nigeria. How Amazig and awesome :)

Yes most of us know that some women drive trucks and stuff in the western world. But you gotta give this lady some kudos jare...Its not easy, especially coming from a place where the male is the dominant figure. I'm very happy that these days some Naija women no dey look Uche face again ehh...They are out there trying to hustle in a positive form. The last time it was a Keke female driver in Lagos...and now its a female trailer driver.....Come on nah, abeg make we throw hat for the lady jare....If u think say im dey easy, then go try drive trailer one day...even to reverse am self na JAMB ehh.
This news dey also sweet me cos its coming from the north...we all know say females are treated as second class citizens and stuff in the north. But this definitely shows that changes are coming for good, and hopefully it will overshadow all those backward majority peeps wey still dey for thia.

I luv it I luv it I luv it...and i hope u do too

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