Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay my guy was on his way to London last week, and he had a hot arguement with another passenger. Well, nobody still know wetin cause the arguement shaa. But sensing that the arguement could turn into something  bigger, and also looking at his status as a public figure, and also a Glo ambassador, D'bangj just walked away and left the guy there to dey continue to dey maraa :)

You see i do respect this guy for his action. So wetin i dey try talk here be say he sure is a smart man, and thats why he has been successful in the game too. This goes back to my toutishness theory. You see he was able to hold back the toutishness in him, cos he taught about the implications n' stuff. Afterall we all know say D'banj na agbero..leave say money don change person now :)
If to say na some other celebs or politicians wey dey think with their blockoss, dem for don fight the guy tay tay...infact dem go even dey find person wey dem go fight with self...u know say we Naija peeps, especially when we don hama, we like to dey find trouble so that we go release our favoirite pre-fight  sentence "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"     ha ha...cos that sentence dey really make some peeps fear well well ehh.
U just gotta love us for real :)


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