Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay ohh I just been get info from a good source say the new FCT Minister don give all the Ashewo for Abuja only 24hrs ultimatum for them to evacuate the State......Umm..........LOL LOL LOL

Ahh so if this na true story, then that one go mean say problem go dey ehh. But u see no be today wey dem don start to dey barn prostitution for different parts of Naija. And one thing una suppose know be say whenever prostitution is barned anywhere, it even becomes more profitable n stuff.
Anywaya shaa as for me, all this one na just initial gra-gra wey our politicians like to dey do. We all know say na the same politicians dey patronize these Ashewo them pass...So who's trying to fool who here huh?...Dumbassess :)

Instead of them to find different measures in order to reduce the influx of prostitutes coming into Abuja on an hourly basis, then na to barn them entirely.....smcheww.
Comoe on guys....Make una use una head ohh...Prostitution no be the world's oldest profession for nothing ohh...KAA

Umm but seriously shaa, me no go lie, prostitution don reach another level for ABJ ohh...When i was in Abuja last yr, I was just amazed to see how many chicks dey come out to prostitue for DAAMN...all those their hang out joints them...Exelesio, Chrystal Lounge and others......But when i been use my eye see the Hajia Ahewo them (those ones wey dey cover their head), then na there I know say problem don dey  :) 

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