Saturday, June 5, 2010


You see i no know whether na must to go this world cup ohh, cos some people just dey do am like say if dem no go, dem go fit get heart attack that day that day eh :)

"South Africa Embassy officials in Nigeria are amazed by the number of passports sent to them by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for visas. The Embassy authorities have queried what over 200 people would be doing in South Africa as delegates from Nigeria’s FA, and have subsequently denied most of them entry visas to watch the World Cup."

You see I would actually do anything in order to just find out the answer to this question "Why our things dey always dey different?"  like seriously this na very important question wey we suppose dey ask ourselves everyday, until God reveal the answer to us. All other countries have their few required amount of delegates needed to go to SA...but Naija won carry a whole village go World cup...WETIN 200 DELEGATES DEY GO DO FOR SA ABEG?......and at the end of the day, most of these vagabonds no go won come back Naija...and na so dem go come dey spoil our name for thia. If these guys wonna go to the World cup, what stops them from applying for a 1 month visa individually, like any other person going?...but dem don see Awoof.....ha ha

OHH NAIJA...I swear we should just create our own planet and live there. Cos Naija is beyond imagination :)


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