Sunday, June 27, 2010


Nna ehhn nothing wey person no go hear for Naija ohh....The landlord know as Papa Chikwado was worried cos one of his tenants, know as Kelechi, has refused to pay his rent for some time. And the worst thing be say the landlord dey live for same compound with im tenants (which i dont think is a good idea tho), and him and Kelechi no dey like see eye to eye. Na im oga Landlord come carry the case reach police station, and Kelechi was invited to come give im own story..but my guy no show up....So as a way of getting him to come to the station, the landlord took some ploicemen to his compound and the seized Kelechis's motorcyle. But Kelechi still talk say im no go show for the station, and he threatened Oga Landlord that if he doesnt get back his motorbike, im go kill am........SHOOO

So thinking say Kelechi dey play, the landlord no even take am on his way to go watch the Naija vs. South Korea match in his friends house, na im kelechi trail am for back with cutlass, and sliced his head open. By the time dem carry am go hospital, my guy don kpomo....and uncle kelechi don skampey. Now police dey find am (that na if dem go ever catch am self...useless olokpa them)

THIS IS JUST NUTS...person just die for im own right again...abi na crime to rent house to person?...u see this is the type of attitude that a lot of we Naija peeps have...dem go dey act like say dem dey die, and they will come meet u begging for help n stuff....and by the time u need ur money or smth back, they begin to create problems and fighting u n sh** both physical ohh and spiritual :) .......WTF YO....Chai in fact i dey pray make person come try that one for where i dey......A life lost for no reason....WHAT BULL??!!!


  1. HIA! this kain thing sef, see na? dis thing don happen to me before wey i gi pessin money o, oya pay back na, na wahala e cus my mama and my mama generation, e cus my pikins i juss weak, e so e go beat me for my own money again o wey i labour under hot sun for, naija na reallll wa!