Thursday, June 10, 2010


Okay you see when Jonathan appointed this Minister of finance, i was so excited and very optimistic that he would do a lot of positive stuff in Naija's financial sector. Afterall the man was a top executive in Goldman Sachs...So that one no be beans ehh.

But..ummm....ehhmm right now i no even know if i still dey believe the guy self. Okay guys...guys..guys...hear what he just said last week friday,

"Unemployment in Nigeria is running at around 19.7 percent on average, but almost half of 15-25 year olds living in urban areas are jobless, Finance Minister Olusegun Aganga said on Friday"

Umm i don dey get feeling say some of these people dey smoke too much ibo.....HOW ON EARTH IS OUR UNEMPLOYMENT 19.7% IN NAIJA. Okay now i fit personally confirm say this guy dey smoke smth...cos only person wey dey smoke too much ibo go dey jabo like this :) Cos in Lagos alone, the population of the unemployed is way more than ur figure, oga Minister.

Seriously, my guy don loose touch with reality oh. I really hope he was high when he said this...maybe we go fit forgive am...but if he was sober when he made such absurd remarks, then he needs to call back Goldman Sachs and tell them say im won come back cos them sack am from im ministerial job. Umm Maybe he wanted to say 197% :-)      or maybe turn it the other way and call it 79.1%.

Anyways its Naija for you....comma dey always dey for anything wey we do :)

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