Monday, June 21, 2010


Abeg if any of una know anybody wey dey find wife, and i mean, as in serious applicants only...make una send them dey come this site eh ..cos I go soon open another small sector for females and males  (mainly females shaa) that are desperately in need....and yes u heard the magic word "DESPERATE".....Cos i know there are a lot of Naija dating websites online, and me no won dey like them. So thats why mine go be exclusively for those peeps who are "mad desperate." And you will definitely identify them by the kind of poses, gestures and body languages you will see in their pictures. Even the sexy and tempting clothes dem go dey wear self go make u believe ehh......cos this one no dey for sunday skul skirt them wey go cover ur knee cap, or even those jeans wey go dey do woko- woko for the babe waste.

 Just like this one wey dey here:)  You can vivdly tell she is starving, in fact droughting for a man...You see sometimes this could just be the result when an ibotic chick who becomes addicted to watching too much Beyonce and music videos.... or even an Ibotic chick who is in "desperate" need for attention :)

Where her parents dey now, dem go dey tell their friends say "My Daughter is in the University"

So if any of una dey interested, just holla me, and i go release her contact info to u...HA HA ....cos na so i go dey run this my new business line :)


  1. hahahaha...Ali u no serious...tell dem say naija boyz plenty wey dey look 4 wife....lmao..inshort I WAN MARRY...hook me up...lmao

  2. Oya u go send ur first payment of membership before i give u her details...lmao

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