Wednesday, June 23, 2010


You see I told u guys right from time that our Super Eagles are not good enough, and will never qualify for the second round. Some peeps start to dey even vex for me n' stuff....but now wind don blow, and fowl nyash don open nah.... I saw it coming right from time. I started smelling this problem when we started praying to hear the outcome of other countries results in order to see if we qualified for the world cup or not....which kind nonsense be that self?...We did that and were lucky to qualify to play in the world cup...And now we don enter world cup, na so so pray pray dem want make we dey pray again so that Argentina go draw with Greece or so....pray pray pray pray pray una think say na only us wey God like for this whole world wey im create?.....NNA NAWA OHH.....

Bringing in a foreign coach was the biggest mistake too..dem for don retain Amodu....Also most of these players no really send at all for these matches. They dont show any zeal or passion during the so so big boy dem dey do, and woman wey dem dey always think about :) .....Anyways Kudos to Enyiama, Shittu and Odiah for playing with all una heart. Ahhh Uncle Kanu how i go even forget u self?..shey dem been dey talk say u don old and make dem no carry u go world cup...but as u enter that field, na im dem believe u die ehh.   Anyways me wey dey here know the cure for our super eagles, but i no go talk :)   Anytime wey NFA dey serious to revive or football team, make dem contact me personally.
I just pray one day we would have a Super Eagles squad as strong and dedicated as the ones of USA 94 and Olympics 96. Chai... team wey those days, all countries dey fear to play us. May God help us juo.

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