Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You know After a lot of Americans became aware of the Nigerian scams through emails, They thought they could not be fooled again, since they know the tricks :) But u suppose trust our Naija boys nah...always finding new ways to beat the system :)

So when we thought it was all over, here comes a new type of scamming through Craigslist. Once upon a time when Craigslist was this very nice website were people could find room mates, apartments, buy cheap stuff, hooking up, finding a job and much more. But now Craigslist is now the best way to for Nigerians to scam people in America.
The Crazy thing is that these scammers are located mostly in Lagos, and they have their accomplices that go to collect the money from the western union, take their own share, and send the rest to the main guy wey plot the runs. Its so bad that most of the part time jobs on Craigslist are all scams....and you can tell cos its so obvious...like seeing lots of grammatical errors, or seeing different job positions with the same job duties...ha ha.  The funniest shyt na when these gys call u, dem go dey try so so so so  hard to speak funneh.
I know alll these stuff cos I'm talking out of experience...LOL...abeg ohh i meant experience as in being a victim of all these email scams and even craigslist a couple of times. But dem no succeed (u suppose trust ibo man nah)....I actually do play along with them when i get their email, and by the time they have spent so much money buying recharge card to call me, thats when i just open up to them like "Oh boy infact no dey waist ur time with me jare. I just felt like playing u around all this while, so that you can see how it hurts." ....HA HA ...AINT I THE WORST :)
But on a serious note, this whole scam thing has really messed us up across the globe. Sometimes It's so shameful to even tell people I'm Nigerian, cos that makes them very security conscious when dealing with you in all aspects of life. You know sometimes i dey even wonder why on earth did i even come from such country self????....and I know you all have felt the same way too at some point :)
But at the endd of the day......U JUST GOTTA LOVE US.

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